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As priorities evolve from day-to-day operations to forward-looking strategies, savvy leaders find results in modern EPM: accurate and agile plans, optimized financial close, and a focus on the innovation that distinguishes your business.

We help you buid, clod-based, modern EPM system which links strategies to plans and execution. It monitors financial and operational results against goals, and applies analytics to help decision-makers understand key trends and drive higher performance across the enterprise.

Modern EPM gives finance groups the flexibility, advanced analytics, and robust reporting that can help lead the business forward.

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We Help You Get Ahead of the Curve with Oracle by Implementing Market-Leading, Broadest Portfolio of EPM Applications such as

Planning and Profitability

Financial Close and Reporting

Narrative Reporting

Enterprise Data Management

what we do?

Putting the Enterprise in EPM

Modern EPM transcends the finance department to include every area of your business. Whether in finance, sales, marketing, IT, HR, or operations, fact-based planning and informed decision-making are key to succeeding.

Optimize the financial close and consolidation

In today’s changing regulatory environment, you need to adapt quickly to new requirements and deliver faster, more-accurate insights to all stakeholders. Streamline the financial close, and report with confidence and insight.

Drive accurate and agile integrated plans

Say goodbye to disconnected spreadsheets, manual processes, and fragmented reports. Align planning across the enterprise, so that you can develop agile forecasts for all lines of business and respond faster and more effectively to change.

Satisfy all your reporting requirements

There’s no need for multiple reporting systems with the right EPM solution. No matter how many reporting standards you have to comply with, you can be sure that the data you provide in your reports is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

Manage change with enterprise data management

Whether you’re migrating applications to the cloud, managing applications in a hybrid environment, or spearheading major business and financial transformation, an enterprise data management platform in the cloud helps ensure data accuracy and integrity with the alignment of your data and master data.

our philosophy

“Start Anywhere” Approach

So our customers can address their immediate needs first, then add additional capabilities as their business grows and their budget allows. And its flexibility and extensibility let them customize applications if they need to address unique requirements.
We take our 20 plus years of experience in Oracle best practice and the implementation and support of Oracle EPM solutions to deliver the best business outcomes. Then we combine these elements with our practical, successful real-world experience of deploying in both hybrid and full cloud contexts.


We start by understanding customer’s current business process, applications landscape and future business needs. This in addition provides them with a roadmap, the steps required and the benefits they can achieve at each stage. includes:

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Process Mining
  • Benefit Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Roadmap


In addition to a transformation roadmap, we deliver a demonstrable system for customer staff to use. We create architectural and concrete project planning. Also included are:

  • Application Consulting
  • Dashboard based on KPI framework
  • Sandbox system with an application prototype


We implement the solution using an agile , fast to fail approach, and ensure affected business units are fully prepared and enabled to support change using Oracle EPM. This phase covers:

  • System Conversion
  • Custom code Conversion
  • Reconciliation


In any business change is a given, Our iterative approach covers both ongoing management, helping with user adoption, and process improvement. It also includes innovation to drive more business.

Our approach helps customer continuously evolve with the cycle of setting goals, modelling, planning, monitoring, analyzing and reporting.

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